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Advice for Sales

Information provided to get you started

At Makaidlan, we are devoted to providing our clients with a highly integrated service.

We provide you relevant real estate information and will keep you up to date with what is happening in Australian in regards to real estate.

When you are buying or selling in real estate, renting or if we are managing your investments you have a complete access to our services. This service is free to all Makaidlan clients and gives you all the important real estate services required before, during or after your transaction. We tend to an extensive range of services including arranging your connections, your disconnections, conveyancing, home loans and insurance.

When selling your property with us –

Selling your home can become a very stressful experience and there are a few things needed to be taken into consideration beforehand. This is why it is important to speak with the right sales consultant to ensure you are professionally informed with the best advice. Makaidlan services will provide you with the resources to understand the selling process.

Selling with us

It can become a stressful process when deciding to sell your home so we want to make sure that you are fully informed of the selling process.

Step 1: Choosing the right sales consultant
When deciding to sell your home, you want to choose a qualified sales consultant who has an abundant amount of knowledge, after all your home is one of your most valuable assets and you want to be able to speak to a professional who can offer you the right ways to go about it.
When you are speaking to a sales consultant, ask questions to your advantage to make sure that you are able to trust your consultant to sell your home for the best price.
Important things to consider are:

  • Is your salesperson qualified?
  • Is your salesperson experienced?
  • Is your salesperson able to achieve the best result?
  • Is your salesperson focused on you?

Step 2: Preparing your home for the market
Want some tips to attract more protentional buyers and higher offers?

  • De-clutter:
    When potential buyers walk into your home, they envision it as what could potentially be their new home so it is important to get rid of clutter that could get in the way of that.
  • Repair:
    It is important to make any visual repairs well before the inspection. Small things can diminish the feel of the home so make sure everything is up to standards before an open inspection.
  • Style:
    Consider a home stylist to vamp up your home to the best that it can be, this will attract more potential buyers.
  • Photograph:
    Before your first home inspection, it is highly advised to consider using a professional photographer to take quality pictures of your home.

Step 3: Placing a price on your home for sale
It is often that the most difficult part for most sellers is determining the value of their home. The best method is to study the current real estate market facts and figures associated in your area which your Makaidlan sales consultant will help you with. You will be shown similar homes to yours that have sold, those that are yet to sell and those that will represent your competition. The current property market determines the value of your home.

Step 4: Choose a method of sale
There are generally four methods of sale that can help you sell your home, these are:

  • Exclusive Listing
  • Auction
  • Tender
  • General Open Listing

Step 5: Accepting an Offer
Once you have chosen your method of sale and gone through the marketing process with your sales consultant, your next step may be to consider an offer from a potential buyer.
At Makaidlan, our commitment to you is to bring you each offer formally in writing. We will do this by providing interested buyers with a contract and will give both you and the potential buyer the opportunity to add conditions when negotiating the sale of your property.
Standard conditions of sale are – subject to:

  • Finance
  • Builder’s report
  • Sale of another property
  • Solicitors approval of the contract
  • Specialist inspection or approval

The purchaser will be asked to pay a deposit once an offer has been accepted and all parties have signed the contract. This usually equated to 10% of the purchase price.

Step 6: Completing the sale
Settlement generally takes place within a month to 3 months depending on the vendor of the purchaser’s agreement on the sales of contract. A week before the settlement day, the agent will arrange an inspection with the purchaser to do a final inspection of the property. During this process, the financial and legal advisor will be representing both parties.

Auction Sale

There are a few different methods of sale you can choose when selling your property. However, if you do decide to sell through an auction there are many benefits such as:

  • You set the terms and conditions of sale.
  • Target marketing sparks more interest on your property.
  • Marketing with no price draws in genuine cash in hand buyers.
  • Auctions create the impression of urgency which leads the buyer to make a decision.

Preparing for an auction
There’s a lot to prepare for in advance to auction day to ensure you achieve the best results possible for your property. Marketing your property right is one of the first things that you will need to do. Your sales consultant should address your marketing plan in detail and show you the images chosen to be advertised and where it will be advertised (online, newspapers, brochures etc.)

Your role on auction day
It is highly recommended that you attend your auction in case there are any discussions such as bidding stopping below your reserved price as an example – your auctioneer will want you there to discuss further steps.

The reserve price
It is essential for you to understand what your reserve price is and how it will be used during the auction.
Things to consider before the day of the auction:

  • Your best price: The figure you would be thrilled to accept.
  • Your middling price: The figure you would be okay to accept, no win or no loss.
  • Your confirmed price: Not initially the figure you were after but due to market conditions, you are prepared to sell at this price.

Home Sellers Checklist

There’s a lot to be considered when putting your house onto the market.
We’ve arranged a convenient seller’s checklist to help you steer through the selling process.

Choosing a sales consultant
Prior to selling your home, it is important to choose the right sales consultant for you who will achieve the best results for your property.

Preparing your home for sale
Next is to prepare your home so that it is presentable for open inspections. This means getting rid of unnecessary clutter and perhaps even considering getting a home stylist to decorate your home to give potential buyers an insight of what they are able to do with the space.

Price your home for sale
The most challenging step for sellers is determining the value of their home. This is where your sales consultant steps in to inform you about the local market values and sales history to help you set a price onto your property.

Choosing a method of sale
The four most common methods of sale:

  • Exclusive Listing
  • Auction
  • Tender
  • Open Listing

Discuss marketing with your sales consultant
Your sales consult will develop a personal marketing plan suitable to your individual needs. We strive to give you the best results possible for your property.

Accepting an offer
When accepting an offer, this will be given to you formally in writing. We will do this by providing interested buyers with a contract and will give both you and the potential buyer the opportunity to add conditions when negotiating the sale of your property.

Completing the sale
This is where the ownership of the property passes from you to the purchaser. Settlement usually takes up to 3 months after the contract has been signed in accordance to what has been agreed on.

Moving out of property
See our guide ‘Guide to moving out’.